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[GAME][PLATFORM]Tutorial Template

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A short description of the tutorial.

!NOTE: Add important notes here, if its necessary.

Always provide links to the tools you'll be using, or specify what is needed.
- Tool1
- Tool2
- Tool3

Use numbered list items to make the steps easier

1. First step.

2. For many lines of text, use quote tags [ quote ][ / quotes ]
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3. If you're showing examples of code use the code tags [ code ][ / code ]

Code: Select all

:i function $PrintState$
	:i if $InAir$
		:i $printf$%s(6,"In air")
	:i endif
	:i if $OnGround$
		:i $printf$%s(9,"On ground")
	:i endif
	:i if $OnWall$
		:i $printf$%s(7,"On wall")
	:i endif
	:i if $OnLip$
		:i $printf$%s(6,"On lip")
	:i endif
	:i if $OnRail$
		:i $printf$%s(6,"OnRail")
	:i endif
:i endfunction
4. Feel free to use colors to make stuff easier to understand.
:i if $OnRail$
:i $printf$%s(6,"OnRail")
:i endif
#: Printf function.

At the end its nice to have a summary.
!NOTE: You can also post additional notes here.

Credits at the end.