Anyone remember the CAS flash glitch?

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Anyone remember the CAS flash glitch?

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If you played THUG2 on PS2 you used to see this a lot. People would have this crazy CAS with parts that flashed all colors of the rainbow. I love this, but seems it's not possible on PC. Has anyone looked into seeing if this is possible on the PC version? You need the infinite saturation/value hacks for colors. I still remember how to do it.

I'm back after a break from THPS. Honestly I've replaced a bunch of script files that I was sure would have an effect, and some ones for the menu that I thought had a remote possibility for finding something. Given this glitch, the black tag glitch, and the CAP rail sheets glitch are all PS2 exclusive I'm quite convinced at this point it's just a bug in the PS2 dev kit used to build the game. I would love to see someone prove me wrong. If you know anything at all about debugging PCSX2, I will upload my memory card file so you can load the CAS. I think I still have it.

Might be possible to find out which instructions in the ELF are causing the bug, isolate them, and recreate the effect in THUG Pro by modifying the EXE. I would start by comparing PCSX2 stack/heap dumps between two frames: one being a normal CAS in the editor with the colors adjusted one SAT/VAL tick away from flashing, and the second one being flashed. This will isolate as many variables as possible. Unless someone picks this up I have nothing else to say about the glitch.
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Re: Anyone remember the CAS flash glitch?

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Yes, many people have tried reproducing those glitches on PC and other versions to no avail.

I'm pretty sure these glitches have to do with how PS2's GPU (a very unique beast, shall I say) handles things and therefore are impossible to reproduce on any other system.

Also, I don't think THUG PRO team would want to implement this, as from all those glitches the only one that's actually useful is the CAP Rail Sheet glitch. Implementing this would take way too much time, and the effect would just be something that most people would most likely regard as an annoyance rather than an useful feature.
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