Progress on the Level editor?

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Konata Inoue
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Progress on the Level editor?

Post by Konata Inoue »

It has been a VERY long time since there has been anything mentioned about the Level editor. Last thing i heard about it was.

"its going to be included in thugpro when its ready. progress is being made, but it will be much different from what you've seen here"

That was in the Thug2 ingame level editor thread. Any info would be nice. ... 3&start=15

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Re: Progress on the Level editor?

Post by K3V1N4000 »

The level editor seems like it has a lot of things you can do, but as i think morten said before, it is being progressed though it's not yet not public friendly.

If you REALLY want it to be out with nearly no bugs, you might wanna wait as much as it is needed, for now, i recommend using the already included park editor.
In case, im not a dev, just a decently informed user.
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Re: Progress on the Level editor?

Post by Skater1014 »

I've still been waiting for this to be released as well.

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