Can this be played on a Macbook Pro?

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Can this be played on a Macbook Pro?

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Hello all,

I am a first time poster who would love to try out THUG Pro, but I have an early 2012 Macbook Pro, 16GB Ram; 2.3Ghz processor and have had tons of trouble getting this to work on my system. I have Wine Bottler and Daemon Tools. I have a copy downloaded from Kickass Torrents, with all three discs mounted onto my computer. I attempt to install THUG2 and the interface tells me to "insert disc 2". With all three discs mounted, I have run into an error of being able to install all three discs. I've tried mounting one at a time, all three at once and nothing has worked so far. I've followed the tutorial to install everything possible through terminal to run THUG Pro, but cannot for the life of me get past the installation of the game.

I know it isn't cool to post links to torrents or downloads, but can someone point me in the right direction (either through PM or vaguely indirect advice) to where I can obtain a copy of THUG2 that can be installed on my Macbook? I read that there's a No-CD crack out there, but I cannot figure out the logistics of it.

I'm new to this community, but have seen plenty of good press about this game and want to play it after having the stench of THPS5 accidentally plague my PS4 last fall. If there is a donate button to help the cause, I am all for it.

Thanks :)

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Re: Can this be played on a Macbook Pro?

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I think theres a couple of tutorials for installing on mac, but this one is the latest one. ... ion_guide/

I'm guessing its the same one that you have been following already tho.

You could try to use a different program to mount the disc/images maybe?

I dont have a mac available so i cant really help troubleshoot this :/

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