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New player here

Post by bobloblaw »

i remember reading about this mod when it was first coming out but i never had a PC copy of thug 2 and i thought this was a multiplayer only mod. recently i bought thug 2 for pc and installed this mod. wow. just wow. i'm not sure if i can ever go back to ps2 tony hawk now. great work! i hope new players like me tricking in will influence development for this mod.

a few questions:

it seems all the original thps levels (1-3) included were renditions of the levels from later games. will levels like streets of san fran ever make it to thug pro? i'm assuming you'd have to extract them from psx which im curious of the possibility of that.

bonus levels like the downhill rio from thps3 n64 and the thps2x extra levels, is it realistic to ever see those in thug pro?

soundtracks will they ever be combined?

any kind of single player story/goals?

clothing options from other tony hawk games?

thanks for the greeat work thugpro team!

edit: ive put in several hours so far and haven't seen any bugs, i'll continue to be on the lookout.

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Re: New player here

Post by %.gone. »

soundtracks will they ever be combined?
Due to legal reasons and size this will never happen.
any kind of single player story/goals?
Some goals, maybe. Story, nope. A few things prevent this from being possible and then there is the amount of time and work it would take just to add a story.

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