(THPS3)(PC) Create-A-Skater Hex Modding

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(THPS3)(PC) Create-A-Skater Hex Modding

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This is some old tut i found on HackTHPS on modding CAS Saves for THPS3, These aren't mine, they're from some German guy, i posted this since i was bored
- TH3 cas mods - ENGLISH

open ur th3 cas with ur hex editor.

Search 1D and replace B4 64 64 for example to aa aa aa the skater will be orange


1. aa aa aa=Orange
2. bb bb bb=Blue
3. cc cc cc=yellow
4. dd dd dd=Green
5. ee dd dd=Schlam Green
6. ff ff ff=LILA
7. cf cf cf=Red
8. 9f 2f 1f=Darkblue
9. 3e 7c 3a=light lila
10. ff ff ff=LILA!
11. 1e 1d 1f=Dark Orange
12. 9e 9d 9f=Green-Blue
13. 8e 8d 8f=Shitcolor (special color)*pooplant*
14. 5e 5d 5f=ALIEN Green
15. 4c 68 53=Green
16. af ff fa=Blue
17. ad ad ad=Yellow
18. 1d dd dd=DarkGreen
19. 1e 1f 1d=even darker poobroun
20. 5a 88 2f=neon blue
21. 3a 9a 66=light neon green

22.00 00 00= Black

Dont forget to edit the 01 00 at the end to 00 00 ;-)

__________________________________________________ ____________________

Search 56 You'll find 56 1F 72 AA
u must edit these


8C 07 2B D0 Darth Maul
6C 8C D6 04 wolveriene
93 75 8B B5 Private Carrera
B8 D7 65 9B Olli
C5 92 01 E0 Demon
B0 70 94 93 Eyeball
34 A3 EF 00 Doomguy
56 1F 72 AA Normal
67 64 AA E9 Slater

make a new cas in th3 and save it
search light skin 3 (what u choosed in th3)
Replace it for example to.: Chad Muska - the skater has chad's head now.

Thats it :D
ROQ posted this on HackTHPS back then, credit goes to him for translating this to english
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Re: (THPS3)(PC) Create-A-Skater Hex Modding

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