How to properly rip 3D Character Models in THPS Games

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How to properly rip 3D Character Models in THPS Games

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This is a tutorial on how to properly rip 3D Character/Goal Models from THPS games, I wasn't sure where to post this since this works for THPS4-THAW, This might work for THPS2/MHPB, no need to do this for THPS3 since the file types are known and there are plugins for modeling tools/converters that handles the file types used, I'm demonstrating this with THUG1/THPS4

You need:
- A 3D Model Editor (Blender, or 3DS Max)
- 3D Ripper DX
- Any THPS PC Game

1. Download a converter/mod for the game, Click here for THUG1-THPS4, if you want to rip THUG2 Models, use 710 Mod
2. Open up 3D Ripper DX (Make sure you have these settings to make this easier
3. When you get to the part where you see a un-posed model in the game (Defmod4's Debug menu's menu test "do something" feature makes it T-posed, you don't need DefMod running to enable it, the debug menu is inside the pause menu), then press F12 to rip it (Ripping takes 30-45 seconds, capture 2 frames incase one doesn't load)
4. Open up your editor, and import the model as OBJ
5. Clean up your model (If you're using blender, hold B then select the model, and then select inverse, then delete, then it deletes the bg of the model)

This is what it should look like when cleaned

NOTE:Make sure your converted model is in placement of any character model, also, make sure the ripped textures are in the same location as the model, otherwise it won't load the textures
For the debug menu to be enabled in THPS4, you need DefMod4 (which can be found in this site), but for THUG1, I'll enable it in my mod

Hope you can find a good use for your models ;)

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