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Post by TNT » Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:17 am

This isn't meant to be an advertisement, more of a general post about what I'm doing.

I rebuilt TNThps to be more community friendly, and on the top right you'll see links to the major THPS sites, like this one.

I've taken the time to add many things, like PS2 dumps of all the games, which can be essential in reverse-engineering many old PS2 codes and bringing them into whatever game/platform you'd like.

There are many original Xbox mods, including ones for THAW and THP8 and bring in lost levels, including Marseilles on THP8, which is totally worth checking out if you have a way to play xbox backups, and I don't see the original xbox getting any real attention from anywhere else.

The same goes for Xbox 360, where as far as I know, I'm the only person who's created and released public mods for both unmodified and jtag/rgh modified consoles. So even if you just have a regular Xbox 360, you can download saves and experience many things, from offline stat mods to skating the Testlevel, and there are even tutorials on how to edit your own Xbox 360 saves, a process that is a few steps different from modding the saves on other platforms.

I'm also, in my upcoming free time, working on THPS mods for all the Gamecube titles as well. That will be coming soon, hopefully.

Though it is not designed to be a daily visit, it is designed to provide as much unique THPS content as possible, which can be used across many platforms that get little to no attention.


P.S. - It would also be excellent if someone could, in their spare time, create a banner for me, because my graphic skills have never been great. 1100 x 200 - THPS Xbox 360 Mods/Tutorials, Original Xbox Mods, Playstation 2 Codes/Files, Gamecube Mods, THUGPro Mods!!

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