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Custom img idea

Postby PoWerFuQ » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:22 pm

Back in THPS3 I use to love making customs decks. Especially decks I use to skate. I am learning to make decks for T2 now. And it got me thinking. We have to replace a deck to install a deck. Could it be possible to add like 30 customs decks that are there just to swap with a custom DECK? That way we can keep all the decks that are there. Plain wood just looks bad. But if they were just a solid color, white, blue, green, etc. We could match them to our CAS.
Maybe they could even have their own FOLDER? We get to keep all the previous decks and have new slots for our new decks. If this worked maybe there could be the same thing for shirt logos And grip tape? Or even graffiti tags????

Gleam the cube radical ones....

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