Created Parks Live Filesharing System

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Created Parks Live Filesharing System

Postby cWalker » Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:11 am

Another idea i had, would be to have a file sharing system that allows the host of a room to switch to a another players CAP files.
Im not really sure about how this would work out but i am thinking of like an instant message window that allows to send CAP (maybe even CAS) files while in game.

Saying this because i was playing with RuiN yesterday and i wanted to play his CAP. I was being host, so we all would need to leave my game an let ruin host and switch to his game. Id like to bypass these kinda situations. I know it might be a lot of work for such a little result, when you could just share CAPs in discord an stuff. But i thought the idea has a right to be posted here so.. yea

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