Alternate texture sets

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Alternate texture sets

Post by mwb37 »

The ability to choose from multiple different texture sets in each level could be added. Zure has already created a patch that replaces all of the textures from the THUG2 classic levels with ones from THPS2X and the Xbox version of THPS3. It would also be neat to have the option to replace the textures in College with ones from the THPS4 demo for PS2. There are a lot of other texture sets that could be added too.


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Re: Alternate texture sets

Post by ZurePitchmen83 »

I agree, The option to use texture mods would be a good idea. I know some levels could use better textures. I can do enhanced texture mods for the rest of the THPS1 levels from THPS3 and THAW and the THPS2 levels from THUG1 using textures from THPS2x, I just need to know if the THUGpro developers would approve of that.

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Re: Alternate texture sets

Post by K3V1N4000 »

I agree as well!
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Re: Alternate texture sets

Post by quazz »

Have wanted to implement this for a while, but have not set up the functionality to do this yet.

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