Thugpro installation problem

Let us know if you are having trouble setting up THUG Pro or facing issues during gameplay.
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Thugpro installation problem

Postby CucaNova » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:49 pm

Hello guys I just recently started downloading thug2 to download thugpro and thug 2 works perfectly fine and when I go to install thugpro it seem like the install process is going smooth until at a certain part of the installation process it will install at a certain point and then just stalls and don’t continue downloading, I’ve turn off my antivirus settings, turned off firewall and it still does the same thing.(I’m also on Windows 10 just so you’ll know). Is there anything I’m doing wrong? (Also I’m using a laptop that doesn’t have a cd opener so I digitally download the game)

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