THPS2 THPS1 Level/All Levels Glitches

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THPS2 THPS1 Level/All Levels Glitches

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These are THPS2 Glitches i found on the net

All Levels:

Casper Glitch
This is a really cool bug. It's very easy, too, and you can get really high scores with this one. Just have a Casper trick as one of your specials. Let's say for example it's up+down+6. Do a Casper, but while you're still on the ground, hit up+down+6 again. You will go into another Casper! You can pull off 7 or 8 Caspers without even jumping.

Manual Bug
This is a really fun bug. Basically if you just launch off a quarter pipe, and hit a manual just before you go up in the air, the game will say you are doing a manual in mid-air! You can pull off 720 manuals this way. The best part is when you use a special manual as shown in the picture below.

Downhill Jam:

Hidden Room In Quarter Pipe
At the very beginning of the Downhill Jam, you'll notice a small quarter pipe on the left side. You'll need Jetpack mode or moon physics for this to work. If using Jetpack mode, all you do is fly as high as you can go, then fly into the area above the bright yellow room. You should go inside! Land, and you can skate in it a little

Slowdown Glitch
This is an interesting one. You need moon physics, or something equivalent, for this to work. go off a big kicker near the start. Once you hit the wall, you will suddenly fall VERY slowly. Very weird, but you can get big combos using this.

Skate On Water!
This is a cool glitch, allowing you to skate on the water in Downhill Jam. First you need Jetpack mode. Go to the dam halfpipe, and fly over to the right side on the water. Go all the way to the end on the far right corner, and land very slowly. You should hit ground, which is the water!

School 1
These are bugs for all levels you can play using a memory editor. If you didn't know already, you can play all the THPS1 levels on your THPS2 PC game!

Stretching Skater
Very strange. Just use a memory editor (Example: All.PKR Edit) to get the original School. You don't need any cheats, just this. When you go up to a quarter pipe, and do a Rock N' Roll or 180 Rock N' Roll, your skater stretches! Very weird! Also, it has to be a custom skater, pro skaters won't work.

Skate Sideways!
Another simple one. Go to the path that takes you up to the roof of the school. Take the one that's to your right as soon as you start. All you have to do is jump against the wall on the left, and you will land sideways on it! You will fall after a second, but it's still cool. With all the school glitches, it's no wonder this level was left out.


Get Outside Roswell
Anyone who has played THPS probably knows this glitch, and it's MUCH easier this time. Again using a memory editor, get the Roswell level. You need Jetpack mode. All you do is fly up high, and go over the fence where you can see helicopters. Land, and you're outside!

Not made by me, these were found on some old website made by err0r

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Re: THPS2 THPS1 Level/All Levels Glitches

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i dont think that many people will care about glitches...
screenshots are for example here ... l_bugs.htm
this website is kinda fucked up with wrong links

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