[THPS4] Importing Level meshes into 3D Modeller

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[THPS4] Importing Level meshes into 3D Modeller

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After messing around with the source code in the sources.zip provided in "Mod Tools" section. I was able to convert the THSP4 scn.dat files into .obj files. I'm not sure if anyone noticed that this tool was in the sources .zip, as I haven't seen any thread speculating it.

I've seen a few threads speculating an alternate way of importing THPS4 objects into a 3D Modeller. Which in that case, is 3DRipperDX. IMO, it does a sh*tty job at ripping objects from many games. Which, many thought

Now, the tool I used was "MDL2OBJ_TH4". Found in the sources.zip as said above. This tool instantly converts scn.dat (level) files into .obj files (Note, this tool doesn't work on every single level).

Shown here, are the scn.dat files imported into Blender/3DS Max.


San Francisco:




There also is a tool (in the sources.zip) that converts tex.dat files, into .dds files. I tried applying the textures to the mesh in Blender. But sadly, the model conversion tool doesn't export the model into different segments, as the model is converted into one big mesh. Making it very difficult to texture.
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Re: [THPS4] Importing Level meshes into 3D Modeller

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If you've heard anyone speak of Defeat0rs thug level converter, that's the tool they're speaking about.

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