THAW 360 Dump (Compatible with PS2Dis)

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THAW 360 Dump (Compatible with PS2Dis)

Post by TNT » Sun May 03, 2015 5:47 pm

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Xbox 360 Physical Ram Dump
Dumped by: TNT /
Dumped with: Peek Poker
Title Update: 0, No Title Update, Default
Title ID (for compiling trainers): 415607d4

Code: Select all

Starting Offset: 0xC0000000
Dump Length: 0x1FFF0FFF

PS2Dis Load From: 00000000
PS2Dis Address From: C0000000

Dump has labels, can use CTRL + G to view labels.

To reverse-search by address, hit G.

To search for a hex data or qbkey, hit CTRL + F and click the HEX checkbox.
Example Addresses (tested and working):

Perfect Balance (balance meter doesn't appear):
D41C449D 00000000 - Perfect Balance (Manual)
D41C8310 00000000 - Perfect Balance (Lip)
D41CDD38 00000000 - Perfect Balance (Skitch)
D41D85E7 00000000 - Perfect Balance (Grind)
Addresses can be used two ways, one by adding them to a trainer source and compiling it,
or with Peek Poker, however datas don't freeze in Peek Poker, and many will instantly refresh
to reflect the previous data (meaning they won't work unless you put them in a trainer).


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