THAW Gamecube ISO Mods

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THAW Gamecube ISO Mods

Post by TNT » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:09 am

THAW Direct ISO Hex Modding Guide
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Mods + Tutorial by: TNT
This game runs pretty smoothly in Dolphin and someone requested I specifically recreate these mods, so I thought I'd share them here too.
What you need:

- THAW GameCube .ISO
- Hex Workshop (Trial is fine)
1. Right click the .ISO and open with Hex Workshop.

2. Goto Options > Preferences > Configuration > Advanced

3. Click 'Enable Direct Editing' and click OK. Exit and reopen the .ISO with Hex Workshop.

4. Goto Edit > Replace OR hit CRTL + H

5. Make sure the TYPE is HEX VALUES

6. Fill in the FIND and REPLACE lines with valid data
from the list below. REPLACE ALL INSTANCES.

7. Click OK and then click Replace to replace the data

8. Exit Hex Workshop, it's already saved, boot the .ISO
Mods by TNT:
Search for the data on the left, replace with the data on the right!

Add Hidden Items:
*CAS options like sports bra for female, CAP options like fences.
77a21642 > 00000000

Unlock All Levels:
51f1a4fd > 00000000

Display Options = Debug Menu:
3fb427b4 > b19fad1e

Collectors Edition PS2 Mod:
*Adds Atlanta + Marseilles to Classic + 2 Player + Free Skate
0F87F60B > 00000000

Devkit Levels:
*Adds Testlevel + Viewer + Char Test (Freezes)
b8c09098 > 00000000
c18fef36 > 00000000

No Out-of-Bounds:
b1058546 > 00000000 - Water
dea3057b > 00000000 - Ground
1310920e > 00000000 - CAP Spikes

TNT's Hidden Levels Mod:
*Outdated, use other methods unless you just prefer this method.
bdc6cde2 > 7acb22aa - Hollywood = Neversoft Testlevel
d94db0cb > d4b065e8 - Beverly Hills = Marseilles (PS2 Collector's Edition)
9b164b02 > e661bf47 - Downtown = Atlanta (PS2 Collector's Edition)

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